3 Ways Co-working Spaces Are Serving Canada’s Rural Communities in 2022.

Adjusting to the new normal.

3 Ways Co-working Spaces Are Serving Canada’s Rural Communities in 2022.
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As we adjust to the New Normal of remote work, and telecommuting, rural Canadians are looking for spaces that will help them facilitate their new digital lifestyles.

They Provide Canadians With The Essential Tools They Need To Participate In The Work-From-Home Economy.

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As Canadians switch to digital "work-from-home" setups, they need safe, nurturing spaces to work. One of the emerging trends of 2021 was the stress placed on families as they adjusted to their new digital telecommutes.

It seems these hybrid setups are here to stay, and Canadians with young children or limited access to office basics like internet, desks, and ergonomic workspaces can benefit from the space and resources of co-working spaces in their local environments.

In a recent study by Constenoga College, 80% of "Work-From-Home" Canadians surveyed reported feeling worn out at the end of a work day, while 70% felt tense or irritated during the work day.

They Facilitate New Relationships & Multiply Ideas Together  – Fueling Growth & Innovation.

There's a certain magic that happens when people gather today. All their unique attributes, creativity, skills, and purposes coalesce in ways we'd never anticipated. From local artisans who discover each other's works to marketing agencies finding new clients who need help reaching audiences – the possibilities for innovation and growth are endless.

Co-working spaces provide a foundation for these meetings to take place. Rather than a collection of entrepreneurs and professionals scattered across the countryside with no easy way of meeting – having a shared space provides a rallying point for communities where innovation can happen.

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They Lead Canadians Through Their Entrepreneurial Journey & Catalyze Their Growth.

If we polled 100 business owners, we're confident that 99% of them would say getting around the right people, and having the right process is what finally kicked their business into high gear and made it a reality.

The biggest obstacle for Canadians getting started is a lack of information, support, and resources. Co-working spaces help rural entrepreneurs connect the dots, connect with their community, and most importantly: connect with their unique purpose and bring their business into reality.

Mashup Lab & WorkEvolved Are Unleashing Rural Potential Across Canada.

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