62 Buttons You Can Push To Add $2M+ Of ARR To Your SaaS In 90-Days (Or Less.)

Simple strategies. Huge results.

62 Buttons You Can Push To Add $2M+ Of ARR To Your SaaS In 90-Days (Or Less.)
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My strategies are not about cold lead gen, Facebook ads, or marketing gimmicks. My focus is on making very simple decisions that you can execute quickly to completely transform your business.

62 strategies might make your head spin, so here are 7 simple strategies to whet your appetite. 

They fall into 7 categories, which I've dubbed the "Seven Levers."

  • Product: Bring 7 new products & services to market in 7-days.
  • Price: 3x your prices without impacting the bottom line.
  • Sales: Cut your sales cycle in half and lower your COA.
  • Referrals: Build a robust pre-sale and post-sale referral program.
  • Hiring: Hire and scale a team of sales reps in 90-days.
  • Culture: Build a passionate, Culture 500 worthy team.
  • Authority: Leverage star power and social selling.  

62 Revenue Generating Strategies I Can Deploy For You In Less Than 90-Days.

  1. Play bigger games: create a 6-figure/7-figure pricing package for B2B/SMB organizations. (The most direct path to more revenue that doesn’t disturb your existing product offering.)
  2. Build a sales playbook that helps you reach out directly to these businesses in a way that gets their attention.
  3. Whitelabel your product and sell it through to other ISVs and SaaS. (This strategy is insanely lucrative.)
  4. Implement Full Spectrum Pricing™ – my signature pricing strategy that encourages you to price at every pricing level you can conceive of. (A product for every price, a price for every product.)
  5. Protect against commoditization by becoming a category of one. (The essential strategy for a SaaS in 2022.)
  6. Move into new industries and verticals to redeploy your existing product.
  7. Double/triple your prices, let old customers keep legacy pricing.
  8. Double/triple your prices, upgrade everyone.
  9. Seriously, let’s find a way to double/triple your prices. (I’m so passionate about this method that I actually wrote a book about it.)
  10. Create new premium pricing tiers that slot into your existing pricing.
  11. Start pricing on VALUE, not costs/inputs.
  12. Use “salary” pricing to create a 5-to-7 figure package based on value.
  13. Create a mouthwatering offer that clients can’t say no to.
  14. Create 3-5 upsells opportunities for every customer.
  15. Sell affiliate services through your product.
  16. Launch a simple complementary product to 2X your MRR.
  17. Launch high-touch, premium services. (ex. onboarding)
  18. Create a strategic partnership to sell another product your customer needs without any build time. (This strategy is insanely effective.)
  19. Pitch upsells during the onboarding process.
  20. Start viewing customers as clients who will buy from you for 50+ years.
  21. Create info-products and video guides you can sell.
  22. Host premium conferences or webinars.
  23. Create a monthly VIP community with tiered access that you can use to build trust and use to sell exclusive offers.
  24. Create a paid email list with premium content.
  25. Cross-promote yourself in other people's email lists.
  26. Sponsor YouTube videos and other creators in your niche.
  27. Capitalize on the existing trust you have using an email list or preferred channel to sell upsells, affiliate products, or new products and services.
  28. Reactivate lapsed customers with new products or new offers.
  29. Create an endless chain of high-velocity, high-quality referrals. (This is a MUST for any business.)
  30. Create a price for every product and a product for every price.
  31. Learn to price wide, and sell deep. (My favorite revenue strategy.)
  32. Turn every sale into 2-3 sales: learn to effortlessly ask for referrals during the sales process.
  33. Shorten your sales cycle by 75-90% in 90 days or less.
  34. Create high-quality lead magnets that lead to 4-5 step automated nurture/sales email flow. (Automate your marketing & sales process.)
  35. Reach back out to unqualified buyers with new offers or see if things have changed.
  36. Leverage the concept of “Second Money” by having someone purchase something small, then upsell a much larger package.
  37. Become a true AUTHORITY in your space by launching an e-learning platform that monetizes your expertise and amplifies your mission. (This is MUCH easier than it sounds, your clients will love it and it will be a massive economic moat for you.)
  38. Repackage/redeploy your product for various niches. (For example make a custom landing page and promotion for SEO Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Restaurants, etc.)
  39. Transition low-performing team members into new roles or opportunities with other companies. Use me to offer career training services to empower employees with the skills they need to find a new job quickly.
  40. Create and nurture a pipeline of talent so you don’t waste time with empty roles when you need talent ASAP.
  41. Design interviews that actually test someone’s abilities in the job.
  42. Scale your team–add mercenary marketers or sales professionals to help you achieve your short and long-term ARR goals.
  43. Pursue a 5-star Glassdoor rating to attract the top talent.
  44. Learn to treat every candidate like a sale. Your job is to convince THEM to work for you, even if you don’t end up hiring them. (This is a key differentiator for any business in 2022.)
  45. Create (and sell) eBooks and premium courses that help solve more of your client's problems. (This is SUCH an underrated and underused strategy right now.)
  46. Create a sales playbook that helps your sales reps close more deals in way less time in a systematic way.
  47. Automate as much of your sales process as possible and only deploy sales staff for the biggest deals in your pipeline.
  48. Start building a brand on LinkedIn.
  49. Start posting/sharing articles to Medium.
  50. Use a Ghostwriter to amplify your mission and personal brand.
  51. Use a Ghostwriter to write a short eBook.
  52. Train your employees to sell and promote your mission.
  53. Create a “sales first” company where every employee is encouraged to solve the problems of a customer and can get paid for it.
  54. Leverage the existing network and power base to search for easy 6-and-7-figure wins hiding in plain sight.
  55. Launch 52 new products this year, once a week, by committing to a rigorous production schedule. (This involves redefining the meaning of “product” – for example, a new pricing tier is a new product, five pricing variants for the same core service is five products, etc.)
  56. Start vlogging on Youtube or LinkedIn.
  57. Get featured in 5-10 tech aggregators / new sites each month to build authority and preeminent positioning.
  58. Deploy weekly/monthly promotions to give clients a reason to buy.
  59. Automate 90% of your onboarding and support tickets (in a way clients LOVE) using the Solve It Once™ theory. (Free up your resources to focus on pulling in new customers instead of getting dragged down with support requests.)
  60. Start a podcast as a new channel to generate more business. (ex. Sweetfish uses its podcast as a way to pitch clients. The “guest” on an episode usually becomes a client.)
  61. Start shopping yourself around to be acquired.
  62. License or Whitelabel your existing technology to consultants and professionals to collect monthly/annual fees.

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