Listening To Audiobooks Read By The Author Is Like Having A Mentor In Your Pocket 24/7.

Another game-changing habit.

Listening To Audiobooks Read By The Author Is Like Having A Mentor In Your Pocket 24/7.
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I avoided Audiobooks like the plague for decades. I didn't understand the appeal at all. I thought people who listened to them were nuts. Every time I tried I'd either turn them off or doze off.  Then all of a sudden I had a library filled with audiobooks that I listen to every day while driving or walking.

What changed?

I discovered that certain authors read their books.

Total Game Changer.

  • They add color and context to what they read, allowing you to understand the nuances of every sentence.
  • They'll even give extra context or bonus thoughts on the spot. Grant Cardone made the prologue of his book The 10X Rule almost an hour long just by riffing.
  • They sound 100x more natural than "professional" narrators, who sound far too contrived much of the time.
  • They read sentences the way they were intended to be read. There's no weird emphasis on the wrong syllable.
My favorite thing about audiobooks, in general, is that you can set them to 2-3X speed. Once you get used to listening at this pace, everything else feels like a crawl.

Try These Authors.

If you've been on the fence about audiobooks, here are some you might try:

  • Alan Weiss: Excellent books on high-level consulting.
  • Grant Cardone: Sales, marketing, and real estate. I've listened to all his books 2-3 times now, this guy is incredible. (Note: I used to be a hater, but this guy permanently changed my life.)
  • Steven Pressfield: Fame author of the War of Art. His self-help books come to life in ways they never could on paper.

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