Treat Revenue (And Your Product Mix) Like A Garden.

Don't be afraid to prune low performers.

Treat Revenue (And Your Product Mix) Like A Garden.
Photo by Sergey Shmidt / Unsplash

A common objection I hear against my work is that if companies over-extend themselves by launching new products or entering new categories they will implode. Just because I think a company ought to be growing, doesn't mean I don't believe in trimming low-performers and inefficient product lines.

If cash flow is the lifeblood of a company, capital allocation represents the beating heart of that same company. Not all products will be winners. Yes, your garden will grow when you plant seeds, but not all of them will germinate. Furthermore, just as a gardener removes weeds, you can remove your resources from areas that aren't working. This might mean downsizing, it might mean getting rid of product lines, it might mean rethinking the way a product is delivered and sold...

...but the overarching point is that if you treat your product mix like a garden, you won't be surprised when certain plants take time to bloom, when weeds creep into the flowerbed or when cross-pollination occurs and catalyzes the entire process.

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