Flood Your Customers With A Hundred Ways to Buy From You.

Think in terms of weeks, not months.

Flood Your Customers With A Hundred Ways to Buy From You.
Photo by Stephen Walker / Unsplash

Exponential growth happens with massive business line variety. Customers can make 4-5 purchases instead of one. Satisfied customers have 4-5 products and opportunities they can refer to colleagues, friends, and family. Build a bigger engine, composed of many smaller engines, and find ways for them to play together.

  1. Give people lots of things to buy.
  2. Give people lots of ways to buy. (ie. price levels)
  3. Give people lots of reasons to buy again.
  4. Give people lots of things to recommend.

Contrast that with the popular wisdom:

  1. Build one thing.
  2. Keep working on the one thing.
  3. Sell it once.
  4. Sell it at a single price point.

For example, SaaS founders fall in love with their solution and expect it to carry them to the finish line. They charge the standard good/better/best and don't have any add-ons for their existing customers to purchase. They're hoping to retain their existing customers and have no path to further monetization. In the meantime, they become a commodity. Someone comes along who wants to solve the problem quicker, better, and cheaper.

Complacency means you're a sitting duck.

Bringing New Products to Market Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

The alternative is to get products to market as soon as possible. I mean days and weeks, not months and years. Think faster โ€“ recall the three currencies: speed, possibility, and belief.

Get obsessed with bringing new products to the market.

Automated, self-serve, evergreen products can live on and generate revenue as you move to something new. These can be complemented by high-ticket, high-touch, premium services or with other product offerings.

Whatever you decide, the idea is to deliver a deluge of products and services that immerse your customer and plug into their lives, and solve problems they face daily.

Here's How Apple Does It

These are the Apple products I can think of off the top of my head: Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad Mini,iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, iPhone Mini, iPhone, iPhone Max, iPhone Max Plus, Mouse, Keyboard, Airpods Pro, Airpods Max, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Books, Apple News+, iCloud, Apple Watch, Apple Fitness, not to mention an absolute litany of apps that can be downloaded and purchased across their system.

There are endless ways to buy from Apple. This is why theyโ€™re such a cash-rich company.

Questions To Get Started

  1. How can we spice up our existing offering?
  2. What high-value services can we layer on top?
  3. What new products & services would complement what we've got?
  4. Can we create info-products to educate our users?
  5. Can we form strategic partnerships with other players in the industry?
  6. What are our customers always asking about?
  7. What is a major paint point in the client's journey?
  8. What other activities matter to the client? Can we provide them?
  9. What do dominant players in other verticals do?
  10. Can we use their offerings in our vertical?