Flow Stacking: The Cure For One-Dimensional Thinking.

How to build a vast ecosystem of products and services.

Flow Stacking: The Cure For One-Dimensional Thinking.
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The Problem With “Oneitis”

Most companies are one-dimensional. They do one thing, for one group of people, one time. Maybe they’ve bought into the cult of niching down, maybe they’ve decided they don’t need to get any bigger, maybe they’re not sure how to get bigger – the point is they’re dependent on one product, one service, or one source of cash flow.

What happens if the winds change? What if the tide goes out?

There’s a litany of reasons to avoid staying small. Here are five:

  1. Your eggs are in one basket.
  2. You’re vulnerable.
  3. You’re at risk of commoditization.
  4. You’re leaving huge value on the table.
  5. You’re 1/1000th of the size you could be.

Flow Stacking

Start adding new revenue flows to your business that play well together. That’s Flow Stacking – stack new flows, one on top of the other, and build an entire ecosystem of products, services in a range of verticals and segments.

Create New Ways To Buy

It doesn’t have to be products and services. It can be invitations to buy again, or to refer a friend, or to partner up with a product that complements your own.

Your goal is to drive more transactions.

Questions To Get You Thinking:

  1. What could we sell that complements what we do?
  2. What are the price points we could sell it at?
  3. What services could we sell?
  4. What info-products could we make?
  5. What other activities are our clients doing?
  6. What can we create to meet these needs as well?
  7. How can we make our clients purchase from us again?
  8. How can we generate referrals?

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