“Fries with that?” – Get Obsessed With Upsells.

Everyone wins when you upsell.

“Fries with that?” – Get Obsessed With Upsells.
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Everyone Wins When You Upsell.

Imagine if McDonald's just sold burgers. Think of all the value they’d be leaving on the table. Think of how unhappy their customers would be! If they didn’t sell fries and drinks there’d be a lot more hungry, thirsty people walking around.

See An Upsell As An Insurance Policy For Your Client/Customer.

People want what you have. They’re buying to feel better. They’re buying to solve a problem. Add-ons help you solve that problem more fully. Hungry? Buy a burger. But what if you get thirsty? Get a Coke. But what if you’re still hungry? Buy some fries. Grab them in a combo.

Good upsells help a client feel like their problem is being solved better. They feel like they’ve made the right decision – they’re protected.

Bad upsells feel like a cash grab. They’re lazy. They don’t solve the problem. They hurt the buyer and the seller. They’re parasitic, not symbiotic.

Upselling Isn’t Sleazy, It’s Your Duty.

We have this massive hangup with upselling because a bunch of these “bad” upsells have poisoned the well. Upsell became a dirty word so people avoid them. Often the people that are brave enough (or oblivious enough) to use them, as scammy, clumsy, marketers.

Let’s deprogram ourselves from this myth.

Upsells aren’t inherently sleazy, on the contrary: they are your moral obligation if you truly believe your product will improve someone’s life.

If you love your product, you believe in it, and you love your customer, then you’re obligated to sell them as much as you can – ie. solve their problem as much as you can.

Food For Thought

So next time you’re making a sale or you’re building a new flow, find ways to ask your client: “Fries with that?”. And remember: Everyone wins when you upsell – your clients, your employees, your community... everyone.

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