Great Salespeople Are Economic Surgeons.

Sales is a skill, a service, and a duty.

Great Salespeople Are Economic Surgeons.
Photo by Endobariatric Endohospital / Unsplash

One of my mentors changed my life when he pointed out that sales people have a lot in common with surgeons. Selling is a type of surgery. Just as a client’s life is in the hands of a skilled surgeon when they’re on the operating table, it’s the responsibility of a salesperson to sell their product, solution, or service to their client.

If you believe your solution can improve the life of a client, it’s your obligation to lead them through the sales process. This means overcoming all kinds of landmines and mental traps our brains spring up, in order to lead the buyer to their desired outcome.

There’s no such thing as a natural born surgeon – instead there are 10-14 years of relentless study and work. Sales is no different. Just as the surgeon performs medical miracles, a skilled sales practitioner performs economic miracles. They generate wealth, an economy, out of thin air.

Salespeople do all this in a way that feels invisible, and supportive for the client. Great salespeople rarely appear as sales people, they appear to be partners or guides – invsible magicians. When you can transfer your certainty onto a client, you have performed economic surgery on them in a way that will benefit their life.

To fail, is to let down your self, your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your town, your city, your province, your country, and your planet. When one of us wins, we all win. Wealth creation is not a zero sum game.

  1. You must believe that your solution will improve the lives of your clients. Most solutions don’t meet this simple standard, and that’s why we’re experiencing a deluge of deceptive salespeople and unmotivated staff.
  2. You must believe your client is a proper fit for your product or service. I believe the best companies treat everyone as a potential buyer, but if someone is truly not a fit, then it’s your duty to ensure they don’t buy from you.

So long as these two conditions are met, your mission is clear: your duty is to help navigate the buyer through their journey. Failure to close the sale and navigate the buyer to their desired outcome is your responsbility.