How I Would Add $5M To Michael Bisping's YouTube Empire.

Michael Bisping is sitting on a gold mine.

How I Would Add $5M To Michael Bisping's YouTube Empire.
Michael Bisping, Former UFC Champio & one of YouTube's newest stars.
Before we get started, if you've never heard of Michael "The Count" Bisping before here's a quick bio straight from his YouTube channel. 
Michael Bisping is a UFC Hall of Fame fighter, former Middleweight Champion of the World, an actor, television presenter and Sunday Times & Amazon Best Selling Author. Bisping’s legendary 39-fight career with the UFC saw him headline sold out shows across seven countries and become the first British born World Champion. He remains one of the most popular personalities in the sport, serving as an influential color commentator, ESPN analyst and podcaster. He lives in California with his wife their three children.

Michael Bisping's rise on YouTube has been nothing short of meteoric. (335K in 8 months.)

Massive Growth.

Since he started leaning heavy into his channel ~8 months ago he has seen it grow to 335K subscribers. His secret sauce is an inimitable persona he has spent his cultivating over his entire life. He's equal parts candid, direct, charismatic, and self-deprecating – the perfect recipe for a content creator.

One-Of-A-Kind Unique Persona.

He's also intelligent as hell when it comes to the fight game.  When he's not commentating live events, he's giving his audience on YouTube invaluable breakdowns that help them see the fight game through the lens of a professional. Other UFC fighters on the YouTube Mount Rushmore include Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen, Sean O' Malley, and Jorge Masvidal–but what makes Michael Bisping's approach unique is his enormous presence and infectious energy.

Deep Bond With Audience.

Michael has a deep connection with his audience. He recently returned from a speaking tour that was equal parts storytelling and comedy. For those who knew him solely from his time in the UFC, the juxtaposition between his fiery, provocative temperament in the fighting world, and the more vulnerable sides of his personality especially  around his family) is absolutely fascinating. It's an incredible reminder that human beings are layered and complex. He often brings his wife, Rebecca, in to join him on live streams to answer questions and provide advice.

In short: Michael Bisping has built himself into a one-of-a-kind brand and a ton of trust built up with his audience.

Michael's Current Monetization Strategy.

As far as I can tell, Michael rotates through the expected types of sponsorships on YouTube. Rather than ExpressVPN or NordVPN, Michael seems to have paired up with IP Vanish. As I covered recently, I think working with these types of brands does little to enrich the lives of the viewer and in some cases may damage a brand.

Don't get me wrong, protecting your IP Address is a valuable thing, but these offers are a dime a dozen, and, in my opinion, are not befitting of a content creator as unique and hardworking as Michael Bisping.

How I Would Add $5M To Michael Bisping's Channel In <90-Days.

These strategies are written for Michael's channel, but I've sometimes used "you" in case this triggers something for your own business.

Revenue Channel One: VIP Community

  • $50,000/hour 1-on-1 coaching on mindset, family, or whatever topics you feel the most qualified to discuss.  (20 clients = $1M)
  • $10,000/$5,000 cohort-based classes you run once a month with 10-15 people up to unlimited people for live webinars.  (100 attendees = $1M)
  • Subscription tiers for exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive fight analysis and premium in-depth content.. ($9 / $99 / $ 199)
  • (1000 viewers at $9 = $100K a year and serves as a great place to upsell your premium coaching services.)
  • You still offer free content, but this gives you a way to capture your dedicated fan base.

Revenue Channel Two: Corporate/Business Branding & Performance Coaching.

  • Delivering similar coaching and experiences to the business and corporate world to improve their performance, focus, and mindset.
  • I think sales teams in the US & the UK would go nuts to have you speak to them and share everything you've learned about mindset and performance as a top-tier athlete and mixed martial artist.
  • $10,000-50,000 per keynote or workshop. They could even be done online. (20 events like that = $1M a year.)
  • You could even set up permanent retainers of $100K a year where you're on staff as a performance/mindset advisor for front-end staff. How to keep them focused and on track. (10 retainers like that = $1M a year).

Revenue Channel Three: Fighter Branding School

There is a MASSIVE opportunity in the MMA community for a school dedicated to becoming a true "showman" of the sport. Just as important as your ability to fight in the cage is the ability to cultivate a larger-than-life personality. With rare exceptions, those fighters with a massive name find themselves at the top of the card headlining pay-per-view events.

For example, the next blockbuster UFC card is between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, two larger-than-life personalities who are known just as much for their antics and personalities outside of the ring. Jorge and Colby can be found on FOX News or taking pictures with the President.

  • Imagine a setup where Michael Bisping set up an e-Learning service that taught fighters how to capitalize on their personality and cultivate a brand.
  • He could even create a service for becoming a fighter at large bringing in other voices and pros, or former coaches.
  • This service could also be repackaged and sold to businesses and corporations.
  • Things could get very lucrative if Michael took an equity stake in the fighter's future, much like an agent or a promoter. (ie. Making payouts on their UFC contracts.)

Here's How We Could Launch That In Less Than 7-Days :

  • I'd set up a website and subscription service / VIP community through Ghost, the platform I'm using to write this. This allows for tiered memberships and connects with Stripe to make payments seamless and simple. ( is taken, hopefully by Michael himself but we'd be able to purchase it from someone else if needed.)
  • I'd recommend getting a premium Zoom account to deliver keynotes, cohort-based classes, and one-one private coaching.
  • We'd create simple ad-reads to place at the end of the videos and in the descriptions, and landing pages that they will point to in order to explain the service and capture the payment.
  • Ghost also doubles as an email list service, so you could send emails to your subscribers to entice them deeper into your product funnel or to keep them updated with what's going on in your life.

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