My #1 Mantra For 2022: Fill The Pipeline.

Conversations are your new North Star metric.

My #1 Mantra For 2022: Fill The Pipeline.
Photo by Santiago Lacarta / Unsplash

Filling your pipeline is about planting seeds 24/7/365. It’s about having conversations at scale, to get in front of as many buyers as possible. Ask yourself how you can impact the lives of billions of people and work backward to the conversations you plan to have each day.

Top line revenue reduces to: a) pricing and b) the number of conversations you can have. A healthy funnel starts with a flood of fresh faces and a flood of ways to buy from you. Conversations are the ultimate organizing principle for a business. cuts through the noise and tells us exactly what we need to do next.

Conversations are your north star metric.

Does this fill my pipeline of opportunity or not? Is the person you're talking to qualified to buy from you? Are they going to buy from you? Is there a chance they will? What can you do to make that happen? Have you done it? If they aren't qualified, then why are you talking to them? To get to someone else? How do you plan to do that? How can you multiply this conversation? Have you asked how you can help? Have you asked the person to refer two of their friends?

Whether you’re the CEO of a 50,000 person organization or a solopreneur, your job is to fill the pipeline with new opportunities.

Putting yourself out there is a superpower.

Action Steps

  1. Meet as many new people as you can. Have as many conversations as you can each day.
  2. Pitch everyone you meet, whether directly or indirectly.
  3. Be respectful, but teat everyone as if they can close: that means asking for the sale early and often.
  4. Take advantage of reciprocity. Ask them how you can help their business or purpose. Do they need referrals? What does a great referral look like for them?
  5. Now make your ask.
  6. Take advantage of social media to have these conversations at scale. Speak to 100’s of people a day. Get obsessed.

Important caveat: I’m not talking about pitch-slapping – a phenomenon whereby an inexperienced sales person vomits a paragraph of text at a random stranger they’ve never spoken to before.

Treat people like people. Get curious about them, ask how you can help them, then let them know what you’re selling and ask them to help you.

Rinse and repeat.

Fill the pipeline.