Prediction & Conviction.

Want more sales? Acquire both of these.

Prediction & Conviction.
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Abstract: 1) When you can predict the future, you're a pro. 2) If you're not convinced about yourself or your product, you won't be able to sell.

Prediction: A Signal Of Mastery.

Intentional Practice Leads To Clairvoyance.

Athletes know where the game is going to be. They pop up where the ball is. How did they get there? Hundreds of thousands of intentional reps. Notice I didn’t say “reps” – I said intentional reps. Practice with a goal in mind.

Professionals Are Made, Not Born.

Great athletes are, to some degree, born, but what takes their athletic potential to the next level is consistently showing up every single day. You see the highlight reel goal or the game-winning touchdown – what you don’t see is the countless hours of failure that predated it.

Sales Pros Must Be Trained To Predict.

Similarly, sales professionals must be trained in order to excel. My mentor taught me this: when you can predict what’s going to come next, you’re a master. Prediction is the dashboard light that lets you know sales mastery has been activated. When you’re highly trained to predict and resolve the buyer’s patterns like a Rubick’s cube, you’re selling on an instinctual level.

Recap: Professionals, like athletes and sales pros, are made, not born.

Actions To Master Sales.

  1. Read/listen non-stop to sales material.
  2. Find a sales trainer you relate to and consume everything they have.
  3. Make sure they’re where you want to be. (ie. Don’t get health advice from an unhealthy personal trainer.)
  4. Read/listen over and over until you’ve internalized their approach.
  5. Go out and find another.

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Conviction: Sell Yourself First.

Sell Yourself On Your Own Product.

You must become convinced that your product or service is the best on the face of the earth. It’s your job to get your product in your client’s hands. If you don’t, it’s a moral failure on your part. Selling, as my mentor would say, is your duty. When you’ve internalized this you’re playing a totally different game than everyone else. You’ll be able to dodge bullets.

Do you own what you’re selling? Zig Ziglar & Grant Cardone say the same thing: If you don’t own it, how can you sell it? If you don’t love it, how can you sell it? If you’re literally not “bought” on what you’re selling – find something new to sell or sell yourself.

Hard Mode: The World Lacks Belief.

If I had to point towards one quality in which the entire world is deficient; it would be conviction/belief. Most of us are incapable of meeting this reality. As they get older people to end up in a place where they no longer believe in themselves. They no longer believe in their dreams or their goals. They no longer believe a much bigger life than the one they have is possible.

This means that getting in front of people is about reigniting those beliefs and having them believe in you. You are their deity, you are their belief system. You are their moral compass and framework.

Give yourself the gift certainty and transfer it to them.

Sell yourself, and you’ll be able to sell others. The lack of belief in our culture means you aren’t selling a product: you’re selling belief.

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Two Minute Summary.

  • All great things require discipline and mastery.
  • Professionals are made, not born.
  • When you’ve mastered sales, you’ll know because you can predict what happens next in a conversation.
  • The world lacks belief, this makes sales challenging today.
  • You must convince yourself that your product is superior.
  • You must convince yourself that your dreams exist.
  • If you want to shortcut your way to Mastery or Conviction, work with me.

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