Are You Price Locked?

99% of businesses are.

Are You Price Locked?
Photo by Matt Artz / Unsplash

99% Of Businesses Are Price Locked.

When your options are invisible.
(ie. You don’t see alternatives.)
You’re Price Locked.

When you’re stuck pricing too low.
(ie. You’re racing to the bottom.)
You’re Price Locked.

When you’re stuck pricing in a narrow band.
(ie. You’re choosing between $10 and $15)
You’re Price Locked.

If your niche is too small.
(ie. Scale is impossible.)
You’re Price Locked.

People Hate Being Told They’re In Price Lock.

They’re in a prison cell and they don’t even know it. The weird thing is, the door is unlocked. Price Lock is an invisible threat.

Because everyone is doing it. The alternatives are invisible.

If you bring up a new way of pricing you’re met with cries of:

“That’s not realistic.”
“Be serious.”
“You’ve lost touch with reality.”

The response is visceral.

The Cure.

  1. Full Spectrum Pricing.
  2. A price for every product, a product for every price.
  3. Raise your prices.
  4. Broaden your prices.

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