SaaS Leaders: Propagation Is Your New Secret Weapon.

Unlock The Secret Of Massive Growth.

SaaS Leaders: Propagation Is Your New Secret Weapon.
Plant seeds everywhere, harvest everywhere. | Photo by Dan Meyers / Unsplash 

I studied 326 startups & SaaS from a lead list I was working with, and the same patterns repeat themselves over and over:

  • Not enough products.
  • No white-glove/premium services.
  • No info-products.
  • Narrow pricing.
  • Narrow product mix.

    All of which are manifestations of:
  • The-One-Tiny-Problem Problem™ / monoproducts.

The-One-Tiny-Problem Problem™

Most SaaS companies are way too narrow. They solve a single problem that prevents them from experiencing serious growth and taking advantage of their True Revenue Potential (TRP)–all the possible services and products they could sell with their current expertise and resources.

Instead of pricing wide and selling deep, they remain a monoproduct: they sell one thing, that solves one problem, one way. Sometimes this makes sense. More often than not, a larger company can benefit from this monoproduct and simply acquire the tool or technology and add it to their arsenal.

However, if this is the case, then the role of the CEO ought to be nothing more than having investment conversations all day trying to pitch the tool to be sold. In my experience, however, what ends up happening is that the founder has this grand vision where they envision their company capturing a percentage of an unrealistically large market (ie. The TAM Scam) and serving hundreds of millions of people.

This goal is at odds with the true nature of the company: a monoproduct.

Some monoproducts catch fire, they really do. But there are far more reliable pathways to profitability and scale, than burning money on ads.

The Tremendous Power of The Propagation Principle.

Propagation is the secret to tremendous companies and is the cure for the One-Tiny-Problem Problem™. They realize that the core thing they sell isn’t merely Product X, Service Y, or Feature Z: it’s trust. All companies are in the Trust Business, and companies who capitalize on their trust, are the ones who scale.

propagation noun
prop·​a·​ga·​tion |  ˌprä-pə-ˈgā-shən
: the act or action of propagating: such as

  • a: increase (as of a kind of organism) in numbers
  • b: the spreading of something (such as a belief) abroad or into new regions
  • c: enlargement or extension (as of a crack) in a solid body

    In other words:

a. More opportunities, more transactions, and more products…

b. …that amplify your mission across time and space…

c …and explode your top-line revenue.

Propagation: More opportunities, more transactions, and more products, that amplify your mission across time and space, and explode your top-line revenue.
  • Multiply your top-line revenue by giving them more ways to buy.
  • Foster deeper bonds with clients by moving deeper into their lives.
  • Amplify your mission by serving more and more customers.
  • Serve clients for 50-60 years instead of 5-6 months.
  • Focus on growth instead of playing defense. (ie. Churn)

Adding Products & Services To Your Mix Is A Surefire Path To COLOSSAL Growth & Top-Line Revenue.

If you’re constantly solving new problems for your clients, then just like Apple and Amazon, you’re going to integrate deeper and deeper into their lives. Rather than solving One Tiny Problem, you’ll potentially be solving dozens of problems, all of which you can charge for and all of which you can cross-sell into an organization.

How To Discover Your Propogation Potential And UNLEASH This Strategy.

Simple. Asks questions.

  • What else do our clients need?
  • What else do our clients need beyond that?
  • What else do our clients need beyond both of those?
  • etc.
  • How can we deliver it?
  • In what ways can we deliver it?
  • How can we deliver it quickly?
  • How could we get it to market in 7 days?
  • In what ways can we charge for it?
  • Who can we partner with to get it quicker?

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