Referral Royalty Program

Referral Royalty Program
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Your network is your net worth. -Jim Rohn

Life Is All About Who You Know

A client referral is worth its weight in gold. As someone who’s able to bring people together, I want you to be handsomely rewarded. If there’s someone in your network who you think would like to work with me, introduce us and I’ll dispense a 10% royalty on any advisory services I provide them.

Referral payments will be paid out as the client pays me, and will be made using Stripe or electronic transfer.

I'm Revenue Obsessed.

I provide SMBs, SaaS, Startups, and Solos with the opportunity to bring their biggest ideas to life. I can operate as a Strategic Revenue Advisor, a fractional CRO, a Board Member, a front-line implementation advisor leading your team– whatever a business needs.

Here's a sketch of a handful of ways I might help:

  1. Bring 7 new products & services to market in 7-days.
  2. 3x your prices without impacting the bottom line.
  3. Cut your sales cycle in half and lower your COA.
  4. Build a robust pre-sale and post-sale referral program.
  5. Hire and scale a team of sales reps in 90-days.
  6. Build a passionate, Culture 500 worthy team.
  7. Leverage star power and social selling.
I have dozens of tailored offers, if they have something specific in mind, we'll find a solution for them. 

Think Of It As The Easiest Product You'll Ever Sell.

Referrals are the easiest strategic alliance on planet earth.  You provide a trusted client, friend, or business, and I'll help them explode their top-line revenue. You make the introduction, and I do all the heavy lifting.

I'm also open to creating a white-label service you can market as your own, or in partnership with me, that I can fulfill seamlessly for your customers.

Do You Know Anyone Like This?

Here's a sketch of my ideal clientele.

  • SMB, Start-up, or Saas.
  • They can also be solopreneurs or sole-proprietors.
  • They're obsessed with self-improvement.
  • They're currently building a business or wanting to build one.
  • They have massive goals and massive dreams.
  • They're open-minded and insatiably curious.
  • They want results now and they're willing to move fast once they're bought in.
In short: If they have a business and want to grow it they're a great fit.

Get Paid A Lifetime Royalty

If you’ve got someone in mind, [reach out to me by email to make the introduction, and if I end up working with them, I’ll give you a 10% royalty on all their future advisory fees for their entire lifetime as a client.

How To Submit Your Referral

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Referral Program.
Refer a client and receive a 10% royalty.

Example Services for SMBs, Startups, & SaaS.

Revenue Advisory Services. | James Maxwell
Here’s how you can work with me as well as my fees and financing options.

Example Services for Sole-proprietors & Solopreneurs.

Warp Seven™ 🚀
A package designed just for solopreneurs and individual creators like you. Triple your prices in 7-days or less.
Lever Zero: Raise Your Prices.
The spark that will get you started.

Your Referral Will Be Treated Like Gold.

Long-Term, Hands-On, Seismic.
I want you to text me on weekends.