SELL MORE: Learn To EXPECT The Word No–Here's How.

The Four Types of No.

SELL MORE: Learn To EXPECT The Word No–Here's How.
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Not all No’s are created equal.
I’ve encountered at least four.

The Clear & Obvious No

You will hear it in their voice, see it in their face, and know it in your gut. Do not continue, do not press your point. Hear them, acknowledge the no and move on.

The Repeated No

Some people abhor confrontation. They won’t come out and shut you down. They will calmly and quietly say “No” – but in their head they’re thinking: “Why is this person still asking me.”

The Polite Non-Yes

Some people abhor confrontation SO much that they won’t say no, but they’ll string you along. This one is a massive time-sink.

The Reflexive No.

This is not really a no. It’s years of social programming being expressed as a momentary, reflexive resistance. We say no to things we ought to do all the time. Your job as a salesperson is to EXPECT the reflexive no and lead them through this moment like a professional.

In Conclusion.

In a relationship setting, I’d err on the side of Clear & Obvious.

In a sales setting, I’d err on the side of the Reflexive no.

Expect the word No during a sale.

Don't be afraid of it.

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