When You've Got Speed & Quality – You Win.

Either is great. Both? Untouchable.

When You've Got Speed & Quality – You Win.
Photo by Carlos Navas / Unsplash
Speed is the new big.
-Uncle G

Speed Is Power.

If you can get to market quicker, if you can iterate quicker, if you can learn quicker, if you can sell quicker, if you can get a second sale quicker… you’ll win the race. In real life, the hare wins. Why? Because the tortoise is a tortoise.

Quality Is A Force Multiplier.

It takes effort and craftsmanship to be good at something. Quality is more than just “good” – it’s excellent. Speed is remarkable. Quality and speed are even more remarkable. Quality gets spoken about. Quality gets shared. Quality is a catalyst. Quality is a cheat code.

It’s Easy To Be Fast, But Nobody Does It.

We’ve all been programmed to take our time; to ponder, and think about it. To test, and retest. To make it market-ready. Some people have convinced themselves they’re going fast by using phrases like Minimum Viable Product – but the MVP, unsurprisingly, still takes a year to develop.

Slow Is The Hard Way.

Action leads to rewards, which incentivizes more action, which leads to more action, which leads to more rewards, etc. The opposite is also true. No wins mean no rewards, which means no action, which means… no wins.

Quality & Speed = Dominance.

You'll have 500 products, they'll have 5. You'll think outside the box, they haven't even opened the box yet. You'll be in 100+ countries, they'll still be building their website. Capiche? Speed and quality don't just win – they dominate. They make everyone else look like a fucking loser by existing. Totally inadequate. That's why when you start to think this way, Social Gravity kicks in and the mob will try to bring you back down to earth – don't let it.