Swing For The Fences.

Make your comfort zone a distant memory.

Swing For The Fences.
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It's the surest way to make big things happen.

"Start playing from power. We can always dial it back later. If we don’t swing for the seats from the start, we’ll never be able to drive a fastball into the upper deck." –Steven Pressfield
“If you want the most from your answer, you must realize that it lives outside your comfort zone. This is rare air. A big answer is never in plain view, nor is the path to finding one laid out for you. A possibility answer exists beyond what is already known and being done. ” –Gary Keller

Small Goals Are Killing Us.

Our dreams aren't exciting. Who wants to live on $150,000 a year? I don't. I want to create big businesses, that solve big problems, for big groups of people. Niches can be poison. Verticals can be poison. Marketing personas can be poison.

There are tools of people who can't sell, and who haven't learned to think big enough yet. It's mediocrity and it's a force 100x stronger than gravity and a disease 100x worse than dementia. It's keeping us anchored to a life we don't want and to a business that doesn't measure up to the vision, we had in our head

Discover Huge Goals By Asking "Ridiculous" Questions.

Questions like: How can we double our sales this month, with half the effort? Hell, how can we double last years' sales in this month alone?

These questions put a target on your back. As soon as you ask them, there will be a queue of people at your door telling why ABC isn't possible and why you Should™ be doing XYZ instead. They'll implore you to be realistic.

If you stick with it and keep asking these questions out loud. You'll find they're not ridiculous at all. These types of questions aren't detached from reality, they expand reality. They bring new territory and possibilities into the world. These are the types of questions big players, and big fish, are asking.

Make Your Comfort Zone A Distant Memory.

Ask more of yourself than you thought possible. Aim higher than you thought possible. Don't listen to Them™ – listen to your instincts. Your instincts are asking for more. Step out of your comfort zone and go get it. Swing for the fences. Aim high. Go big, go bigger, and be the biggest.

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