High Converting Lead Magnets Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes.

Customers (and readers) don't want solutions. They want salvation.

High Converting Lead Magnets Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes.
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Customers (and readers) aren't seeking solutions — they're seeking salvation. They need a savior.

Every problem, every need, is an existential crisis. It's life or death.

People with problems want to be saved. Great lead magnets are religious mantras: they're pithy, they point to salvation, and they're digestible. Save your customers: show them the light–the solution to all their problems–then point them towards it.

Don't obfuscate, don't be vague, and don't delay.

Make the process easy, the reasons obvious, and the results immediate.

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1. Don’t try and wow them with superfluous length; wow them with a quick win.

Marketers conflate value with results; this is a mistake. The internet is littered with bloated promises like these:

  • Download this 150+ page ebook. 👎🏻
  • Get a free 2-hour course. 👎🏻
  • Book a free 60-minute session. 👎🏻
  • Watch a free 40-minute webinar. 👎🏻

I forget who told me this, but it stuck: people don’t want to read your 200 page eBook to solve their problem. They want results now, and they don’t want to work for them. Length isn’t the priority. Results are. Focus on providing results now. Not later. Not after 10 hours. Now.

Make it easy, and frictionless. Don't put up barriers, knock them down.

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2. Don’t be vague; describe their problem in excruciating detail.

Write down every step someone needs to take to solve their problem; think A to Z. Then find a way of addressing those steps with lead magnets. If a customer wants to build a landing page the first thing they need is a layout. You might create The Perfect Layout™ — a template they can follow step-by-step when structuring their site. Maybe they need help choosing a site-builder; you can build a Site-Builder Picker™ tool that helps them choose in 20 minutes.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. Show you understand them by using their language.
  2. When possible, err on the side of specificity.
  3. Immerse yourself in their world.*

*This is why so many successful products are created by people who solved a problem for themselves first. (ex. Fitness trainers.)

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3. Don’t lose their attention; tease them with an experience of their dream outcome.

An extraordinary lead magnet is a striptease. Tease the solution to get them hooked, but tease it with an experience. While their eyes are on you, paint them a better future. Get them dreamy-eyed and thirsty. Let them know you understand they’re in the desert, then tell them you’re the only one who can get them out — become their savior. Once they’re intoxicated and enraptured, they’re yours.