The Best Lead Magnets Focus On These Two Principles.

Great designers are well acquainted with these tools.

The Best Lead Magnets Focus On These Two Principles.
Photo by Ash Edmonds / Unsplash

Here's a tool you can use to settle debates around the table when creating and evaluating your lead magnets. Great designers prioritize two principles:

  1. Effectiveness.
  2. Efficiency.

Effectiveness measures a lead magnetโ€™s ability to affect the world. How well does it serve the reader? Does it inform? Does it educate? Does it persuade? Does it incite or catalyze a lasting transformation? Does it stir an emotional reaction? โ€” these are all measures of effectiveness.

Efficiency is concerned with resources and time. Will a reader experience immediate results? Are the results as low-friction and immediate as possible? This is not the same as fast, some things take time, this is about as fast as possible given the circumstances.

When taken together, effectiveness and efficiency say:

How can we produce the biggest impact possible, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of resources?

These principles work both ways โ€“ they affect the reader and your business. As a business owner you might ask:

Is our revenue affected by the creation of this piece? Does it catalyze a change in our bottom line? Our reputation? Do we need to level up our skills to produce it?

In most situations:

  1. The higher the impact the better.
  2. The higher the velocity the better.

Measuring effectiveness and efficiency can never be an exact science. All you need to do is consider these two factors when evaluating your lead magnet.