The Math™ – How I Can EXPLODE Your Revenue With A SINGLE Decision.

Three different businesses, three simple solutions to 8x their investment.

The Math™ – How I Can EXPLODE Your Revenue With A SINGLE Decision.
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Before You Work With Me:

  • One or two transactions per year per client.
  • Sell only one or two products.
  • Customers can only spend $1000 a year.
  • They might shop with you once or twice.
  • In a single category / single niche.
  • Focus on a “core” offering.
  • The occasional referral.
  • Limited upside.

After You Work With Me:

  • Infinite transactions.
  • Infinite products.
  • An infinite range of prices.
  • Infinite potential revenue
  • Infinite referrals.
  • Infinite verticals.
  • Infinite offerings.
  • Unlimited upside.

I call all of the above, the Maximum Revenue Potential of a client.

The ultimate economic question: How can I attract as much wealth as possible from a client, by enriching their lives in as many ways as possible?

Companies enrich the lives of their customers by exchanging trust for cash. If they fulfill their obligation, trust is generated, which can be exchanged over, and over ad infinitum.

(This is what Amazon, Berkshire, and Apple know. Trust is EVERYTHING. The ability to collect on trust through a cash transaction is the beating heart of every economy.)

The Math™

The principles behind the math are simple.

  1. Maximize your price width.
  2. Maximize your product depth.
  3. Maximize your transaction frequency.
  4. Maximize your referrals.
  5. Maximize your authority.

That’s it.

Simple, simple decisions. With a MASSIVE impact.

Before And After Examples.

  1. Maximize your price width.

    Before: $10/$50/$100
    After: $10, $100, $10,000, $100,000 etc.
  2. Maximize your product depth.

    Before: 2-3 products in the market.
    After: 52 products in the market.
  3. Maximize your transaction frequency.

    Before: 3-4 times a year.
    After: 3-4 times a month.
  4. Maximize your referrals.

    Before: Occasional referral.
    After: 2-3 referrals per sale.
  5. Maximize your authority.

    Before: Blog.
    After: Blogs, Books, Courses, eBooks, Conferences, Mastermind Group

Examples Of How The Math™ Can Change Everything For A Business.

  • A) SaaS Company. (Netflix)
  • B) Solopreneur. (Copywriter)
  • C) Creator. (YouTuber)

A) How I’d Add $7.2B To Netflix In 12 Months With One Decision.

Dark Netflix and Chill from home
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  • Today Netflix has 300M+ users, that can pay a maximum of $20.99/month. This is a disaster and is the main reason why the company only recently became profitable.
  • Imagine if they added “one” piece of premium content every month that you paid for. Like a pay-per-view or a movie ticket. Disney+ already did this during the pandemic with its new releases. Peacock is already doing this with sports events and the WWE. UFC does this every few months when they have a pay-per-view.
  • You could still offer EVERYTHING else for free, and make the movie free eventally, but you could allow people who LOVE your product to spend their trust with you by charging a premium fee.
  • Imagine if they did this 12 times a month @ $20 per movie.
  • If just 10% of their customers purchased each month, then they’d make an additional $7.2B a year.
I just created an additional $7.2B with a SINGLE decision.

B) How I’d Turn A $60K/yr Copywriter Into a $1.2M One-Person Micro Agency In Less Than 12 Months With One Decision.

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As a former copywriter, I would never market myself as a copywriter. I’d offer that service, but I’d also find a way to offer a ton of other services as well.

I would approach large companies and offer to replace 1-3 of their employees with my services. For example, instead of paying a content writer $60K a year, an email marketer $80K a year, and a video producer $60K a year for sub-standard content–pay me $150K a year, keep the $50K savings for yourself and I’ll help you with all of your copywriting and video production services.

That’s 8 clients a year. Less than one client a month.

$1.2M dollars with a single decision.

Again, one decision, totally different outcome.

What stops most freelancers from doing this is the Cult Of Niche.

C) How I’d Add $100K To A YouTuber's Business In Less Than 90-Days.

Jenny Ueberberg, female entrepreneur working in an office and making videos.
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YouTubers have massive trust with their audience. Channels that aren't selling custom products (not just swag, but info-products) are missing out on big revenue. Sure, it's easy to accept a sponsorship and make $50,000 from one video (especially if you let me sponsor your video) but what happens if the views suddenly dry up and you lose your entire community?

Adding a paid mastermind/blog is an excellent way to monetize your traffic. It's better than a Patreon because it's a web property that's yours. You can charge membership fees, you can build and host video courses, the sky is the limit.

I'd recommend bringing in a few tiers along with a cohort-based coaching or class program like Ali Abadaal does for his YouTuber academy.  

Imagine if you had tiers at $9.99/$99.99 per month and a private VIP group at $1999 per year. You could offer cohort classes at similar prices and you could set a 1-on-1 coaching rate at $1000/hr like Hamza.

If you had just 100 super-engaged fans, you'd easily add an additional $40,000K to your channel each month.

This Is Just One Of The Strategies I Can Use To Add Up To $2M+ To Your Top-Line Revenue In Less Than 90-Days.

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