The Only Pricing Strategy You’ll Ever Need.

Introducing: Full Spectrum Pricing.

The Only Pricing Strategy You’ll Ever Need.
Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi / Unsplash
Ten bands, fifty bands, hunnid bands, fuck it man
-Aubrey 'Drake' Graham, Philosopher

Price Wide, Sell Deep: Experience The Power Of Full Spectrum Pricing

The philosophy is simple: build products, services, and prices in every Price Band. at every hue along the spectrum. From $0 to $10,000,000 and more – come up with ways of servicing every value position you can think of.

Full Spectrum Pricing (FSP) is the apex predator evolution of price tiers and price bracketing.

FSP is how you build massive, extraordinary businesses.

Price Wide, Sell Deep.

Sell Every Color: Price Bands

The building block of FSP is Price Bands.

Just as the visible spectrum of light has 7 color bands: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Within these broader categories exist endless shades and variations, but the bands remain constant.

When you move from one band to the next, you notice.

Red always looks like red, orange always looks like orange. Unless an observer is colorblind, they’ll know when they’ve moved outside a band.

The same is true for Price Bands. Imagine that every multiple of 10 represents a new “color” – ie. a new Price Band. The same logic applies: when a customer moves from one band to the next, they notice.

Imagine you went to a bookstore: you’d expect to find lots of books in the $10 band. A book priced at $100 would make you take notice immediately because it’s in a different price band.

Example SaaS/Software Company

Basic Price Bands (Low Resolution)

$0 (Free Trial)

$10 (eBook)

$100 (Annual Cost - Lite Package)

$1,000 (Annual Cost - Pro Package)

$10,000 (Pro Package + Onboarding & Training)

$100,000 (Custom SMB Whitelabel Solution)

$1,000000 (Custom Enterprise Solution)

$10,000,000 (Acquistion)

$100,000,000 (Exit Strategy)

$1,000,000,000 (IPO)

Advanced Price Bands (High Resolution)

Band Zero

$0 (Free Trial)

$0 (Email Course)

$0 (eBook)

Band One ($10)

$10 (eBook 1)

$10 (eBook 2)

$20 (Audiobook)

$49 (Video Seminar)

$89 (Templates)

Band Two ($100)

$100 (Annual Cost - Lite Package)

$150 (Lite Packe w/ Add-on 1)

$250 (Lite Package w/ Add-on 2)

$300 (Lite Package w/ Both Add-ons)

$700 (Virtual Training Summit <10 People)

$950 (Virtual Training Summit <10 + Action Blueprint)


More Products, More Ways To Buy, More Flows Of Revenue

Notice, in the example above I only got to the second band and already I have 14 different product ideas. Are you as excited as I am? Have your eyes lit up with possibility yet? Is your heart racing yet?

This is how you create vibrant, eternal businesses. Most businesses have a handful of products or use pricing tiers.

Extra Credit: Price Tuning

Price tuning is the act of moving people up and down the spectrum of your product inventory as needed. Instead of moving in broad strokes between Price Bands, edge them towards the upper limit of a price band with add-ons and bundling in new offerings.

The objective is to move them up to the next band without them noticing.

Remember: Pots of Gold.

To see this in action, try pricing a new laptop from Apple.