The Ultimate Organizing Principle: Fill The Pipeline.

Fill your pipeline and your company becomes a force of nature.

The Ultimate Organizing Principle: Fill The Pipeline.
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

Every decision is a marketing decision.

The fuller your sales pipeline, the healthier your business. A full pipeline is synonymous with life. A full pipeline means you have options and possibilities. A full pipeline leads you down new paths and opens new doors. A full pipeline gives you freedom.

Filling the pipeline is the central organizing principle of every business.

Every activity, everything you can do, is geared towards filling the pipeline. It cuts through the noise. It filters out the garbage. It’s clean. It’s succinct.

Not sure what to do next? Ask yourself is: does this fill my pipeline? Am I generating new opportunities with this activity?

Fill the pipeline. Plant seeds.

Going on social media? Not sure if you should like a post, or if you should jump on a call with someone? Ask yourself: Does it fill the pipeline?

Going on vacation? Are there opportunities to fill the pipeline? How about the person you’re sitting next to on the plane? How about the people in the hotel you’re staying at? Ask yourself: How can I fill the pipeline?

Set yourself daily targets of 100-300 pipeline filling activities a day. It could be as simple as liking 200 tweets. Making 100 phone calls. Sending 100 emails. Leaving 200 comments. Sending and responding to 100 DMs. The sky’s the limit.

Be quick about it, but be sincere. Fill your pipeline daily with everything you do. Build your day around filling your pipeline.

Imagine an entire staff of people who are connected to a goal. of this magnitude. Developers, retailers, human resources, whatever – everyone connected to the mission of filling up the pipeline and finding new opportunities for their company.

A company like this would be a force of nature.

Every decision is a marketing decision.

Every action fills the pipeline.