Want To Grow? Then ERADICATE This Phrase From Your Vocabulary.

Small thinking is a disease. This is the cure.

Want To Grow? Then ERADICATE This Phrase From Your Vocabulary.
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Every time you have imposter syndrome….

…remember that Netflix has 300M+ customers and sells them ONE PRODUCT that is capped at $20.99. They’re asked about diversifying so often that they actually include the answer in an FAQ.


“We prefer to focus on our core offering.” ← Kill this phrase, right now.

Are they f*cking serious?

The Core Offering Is A Trap.

It sounds safe, right? It seems intelligent?

“Niche down.”

"Focus on your core competencies."

"Pull back and focus on your core offering."

"Double down on what works."

These phrases are deceptive. They seem so pragmatic and logical on the surface – but I hope to show you that they’re anything.

Do you know who doesn't talk like this? Billionaires. Jobs. Buffet. Cuban. Cardone. They all say they wished they got started SOONER and had goals that were even BIGGER than they dreamed of.

New categories: new problems, new opportunities.

Here's how wealthy (not rich) people see the world:

  • Life isn’t a zero-sum game. You can focus on your core offering AND develop a new offering.
  • You can market an offer to a niche without building your entire company around it.
  • If you only do one thing, your risk of becoming a commodity goes up 1000x, you have no economic moat.
  • You’re underserving your customers. They want to invest TRUST with you and they can’t do that if you only have a single core offering.

I encourage you to think like an everything store.

Unleash The Power Of Everything.

Does Apple have a core offering? Does Amazon have a core offering? Does Berkshire have a core offering? No. They’re diversified and sell everything. They’re involved in all sorts of categories and verticals.

  • Enter new categories.
  • Figure out how to solve new challenges and problems.
  • Integrate DEEPER into your customer’s life.
  • Stretched too thin? Find a way to deal with it! There are INFINITE tools, systems, and strategies to help you manage this growth.
  • Products can be launched in days, not months.
  • A product doesn’t have to be a physical good.
  • A product doesn’t need to be a complex piece of software.
  • A product can be a partnership with another firm.
  • Remember: Safe is the new dangerous. Go big.

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