What If A Client Needs Something You Don't Sell? (Yet.)

Has this ever happened to you?

What If A Client Needs Something You Don't Sell? (Yet.)
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Has This Ever Happened To You?

Imagine: you’re on the phone with a customer, and they’re asking for a solution you don’t offer, or they fall between the gaps of your existing offers.

  • They’re not quite a fit for any of the services you offer.
  • Or perhaps, while speaking with them, you discover their problem is outside of your current offer stack, but you know you can help them.

Rather than missed sales, I see these kinds of moments as pure opportunities. As far as I can tell, you have a few options here:

  1. Send them away. (No thanks.)
  2. Send them to someone who can help. (Better.)
  3. Send them to someone who can help, and collect a referral fee. (Solid.)
  4. Create a new ad-hoc product, and add it to your future product mix. (Boom.)

We’ll be exploring this fourth possibility. These kinds of situations are great opportunities for new product ideas.

Create A Custom Offer Or A New Product On The Spot – An Ad-Hoc Product.

When it makes sense, feel free to create new products and orders on the spot. What’s the alternative? Turn them away? Let them get bad service somewhere? No, it’s your duty to provide a service for them. Remember: if it doesn’t exist, they can’t buy it – so bring it into existence.

  • Make a promise to help.
  • When you hang up the phone, find a way to deliver.
  • Document the process.
  • Deliver, and refine the process.
  • Presto, now you have a satisfied customer and, if it gave you good margins, a new, permanent product in your product mix.
  • If the product wouldn’t scale, or you struggled to deliver, no problem – don’t sell it again.

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