The #1 Reason Partnerships Fail.

They don't have skin in the game.

The #1 Reason Partnerships Fail.
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They don't have skin in the game.

BOBA. Be obsessed be or be average.
-Grant Cardone

The #1 Reason Partnerships Fail.

Whether it’s a strategic alliance, an advisory, a vendor relationship, or even (as is the case 99% of the time) an employee… most long-term business relationships fail because the other person isn’t as obsessed as you.

They don’t have skin in the game. They go home to different dreams. Their life isn’t tied up in this. They don’t see the big picture.

I Am As Obsessed As You Are.

I want to build billion-dollar businesses. I want to fly on my client’s jets. I want to lounge on the deck of their yachts. I want us to enjoy the good life. That doesn’t happen if I’m not obsessed with your success.

I’m Not An Owner, But I Act Like One.

I don’t have an equity stake in your business – but you’ll think I do. I’ll be up late thinking about how to solve your problems. I’ll message you at 1 AM when an idea comes to me that solves our problem. I want this as bad as you do.

Ask Them: “Are You Obsessed?”

One of the first things I ask of every new client I meet is: “Why didn’t anyone from your team bring this to your attention first?”, “Why didn’t your marketing department bring this to you?”, “Why didn’t your sales team bring this to you?” , "Why didn't other consultants bring this to you?" – because they aren’t obsessed.

They’re playing inside the boundaries. Inside the rules. They don’t have the same skin in the game as you do.

When you're desperate to make it happen, obsessed with making it happen, you dig deeper and start asking questions other people aren't.

Questions like:

  • What if this were easy?
  • What if we could do this in minutes, not hours?
  • What would happen if we multiplied our goals by 100? 1000?
  • How would we get there?

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