Made For You: Total Focus™

A coaching protocol to help busy owners take back their time, avoid distraction, and reach their full potential in business.

A Protocol To Take Back Your Time.

My  Packages

For simplicity, there are three main ways we can work together.

DIY Strategy Blueprint | $2500

  • 3-hour session to discover your unique goals and challenges.
  • A tailored blueprint you can follow step-by-step.

30-Day Sprint | $6,000

  • Minimum of one session per week.
  • Text + email access.

90-Day Sprint. | $15,000  ( Best Value ✅ )

  • Lock in for 90 days and save $3000.

It Ain't For Me Guarantee™ – if after your first 7 days you don't feel like your making significant progress (or you decide I'm not a good fit for you) you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

What Is Procrastination Really?

When I see the word procrastination, I think of words like:

  • Avoidance.
  • Distraction.
  • Disassociation.

The essence of procrastination is a loss of control.

A surrender of the ability to focus and act.




The Epidemic of Procrastination and Distraction

Chances are if you're reading this you've succeeded professionally.

But do you ever wish you could have achieved more?

Do you feel like, if you're honest with yourself, you're not living up to your true potential?  

But has that achievement moved into other areas of your life?

Do you ever:

  • Wonder where the time goes?
  • Feel like you're not getting closer to your goals?
  • Get stuck switching from one activity to the next?
  • Wish you'd accomplished more by this point in your life?
  • Get distracted and lose focus?
  • Struggle to accomplish creative projects?
  • Feel like your bucket list is a "never-gonna-happen" list?
  • Feel like you want to do something but can't actually do it?

You're not alone.

The world wants your attention.

Every app, video, person, job, company, customer, friend, and family member wants your attention–NOW.

You are under perpetual assault.

Nobody in history has dealt with the level of distraction and confusion we're exposed to every single second of every single day.

The True Cost of Procrastination.

Imagine this story.

If you consume 2 hours of content a day (ex. Netflix, YouTube, doom-scrolling etc.) you spend 30 days of the year

That's 8% of your year.

And 2 hours a day of distraction is conservative.

One day you'll wake up and your life will have passed you by.

Maybe you're already feeling that way and that's why you're here.

Introducing: Total Focus™

A 1-on-1 coaching protocol for busy software professionals.

Many of us get our work-life together–but outside of work, we lack focus.

We procrastinate.

We delay.

In a world determined to distract us Total Focus™ is a 1-on-1 coaching protocol designed to help you reclaim your time in three main ways:

  • Cure/manage your procrastination and avoidance.
  • Make tangible progress towards your goals.
  • Learn to focus in a world of endless distraction and chaos.
Total Focus™ is the ability to be conscious, and active in every area of your life–it is the antithesis of procrastination.

During our time together, you will:

  • Start crossing items off your bucket list.
  • Don't put off things you want to do.
  • Learn how to read (and remember) 365 books a year.
  • Discover how to process information rapidly, to free up your time.
  • Shift from reactivity to proactivity.
  • Become a force of nature: act on life, not the other way around.
  • Don't feel stuck on the sidelines any longer.
  • Have control over all aspects of your life.
  • Develop a simple system to manage procrastination.
  • Learn to focus in a world that wants to distract you.
  • Remove unnecessary elements from your life and focus on what matters.
  • Be more present and engaged in your relationships.
  • Become more curious about other people.
  • Forge closer bonds with your friends and family.
  • Be present for the moments that truly matter.
  • Regain control over your inner dialogue.
  • Become present, focused and in control of your actions.
  • Learn a protocol to overcome avoidance–permanently.
  • Take back hundreds of hours a year lost to procrastination.
  • Become more focused in work/life through digital minimalism.

Book A Free Consultation

If you'd like to book a free consultation, you can click here to see my calendar.
My promise: If you don't absolutely love what you learn on the call I'll donate $10 to a charity of your choosing.

The Story Of Total Focus™

I run my own business as a strategic advisor and consultant for software companies.

Like most coaches, I was my own first client.

I spent the first 30 years of my life in a reactive state.

I couldn't focus.

I sought distractions and self-medicated.

My life was passing me by.

Then, one day, I had a real thought.

I decided it was time to wake up.

Through almost five years of "Monk Mode" I put my life together from the ground up and started making progress towards goals I thought were pipedreams.

I started my own business

I developed a killer reading habit.

I became an athlete, I started doing yoga.

But a strange thing happened.  

Now that I'd gotten myself together, I noticed that people and colleagues who I'd always idolized, weren't living up to their true potential.  

I noticed that people who were incredibly effective at work remained dissatisfied outside of their profession.

It's like they got home and became a totally different person.

  • Projects and goals they wanted to accomplish remained unaccomplished.
  • They put off doing things they want to do.
  • They lose hundreds of hours to distraction and confusion.
  • They hesitate to do things they want to do out of fear or avoidance.

So I started building Total Focus™ a protocol to help people become maximally effective in all areas of life by overcoming avoidance, distraction and procrastination.

Helping others self-actualize became my passion project.

Here's A Little More About Me. 👋🏻

I was born in the UK but grew up in Ottawa. I've lived in Toronto, Taipei, Montreal during a career that spanned advertising, education, sales, and recruiting.  I spent the lion's share of my career in start-ups and scale-ups. I'm currently laying low in Nova Scotia as the pandemic winds down.

  • 10 years of experience in SMBs, SaaS, and start-ups/scale-ups.
  • Bilingual: Fluent in strategy and hands-on execution.
  • Obsessed with self-improvement.

I used to "watch my life happen to me.

I felt like I wasn't in control.

I felt like my best days were passing me by.

Then I learned (what would become) my passion project: Total Focus™.

My goal is to help 10,000 people overcome their procrastination by 2025.

I'd love to help you.

I'm a Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of Many

I've stacked a ton of skills over the years through the power of Total Focus™.

  1. I've got a substantial sales background. From cold calling to inbound sales, to enterprise, and account management - I've seen it all.
  2. I've recruited nationally. for one of North America's largest payment merchants and helped build a vibrant, thriving company culture from the ground up for one of the world's biggest advertising networks.
  3. I love eCommerce - I've worked at Canada's 2nd hottest startup (Lightspeed) and have been using Shopify for 5+ years. I write product descriptions that help customers buy.
  4. I've worked in Customer Success / Support. I helped a company chop their onboarding time from 3-months to 3-days, and eventually helped them automate the entire business.
  5. I'm a self-taught designer, web designer & photographer. I used to have my own photography business and I'm literate in every major site builder on the market. (ex. WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, etc.)
  6. I'm a video & music producer. I do voice work & scripting. I create engaging how-to videos, help desk content, and sales & marketing content. Once I built a 5-part onboarding video series for a (seriously) overcomplicated product and 80%+ of users finished the entire thing.
  7. I'm a blackbelt in Powerpoint & giving presentations. I've MC'd one of Toronto's most prestigious advertising events, and I won myself a job in advertising after I won a 10-week case competition styled after The Apprentice.

I'm obsessed with excellence, self-mastery, and getting outside my comfort zone 24/7/365.

  • I read 140 books in 2021. This year I'm looking to read 365 books.
  • I lived in Taiwan for 2 years and taught kindergarten.
  • Created my own variation of the  GTD framework by David Allen.
  • I taught myself how to play guitar and sing.
  • My secret dream is to be a rapper/musician. Maybe one day.
  • I love long-distance running. I can run a mile in 8:07.
  • I lived in Montreal for 5 years and did a bit of standup comedy.

How To Get Started

  1. We have a short discovery call to ensure a fit.
  2. If we're a good fit, we choose a package that suits your goals.
  3. We sign our contract, and you pay your first invoice.
  4. We book our first session.
  5. The magic happens!
If you'd like to book a free consultation, you can click here to see my calendar.
My promise: If you don't absolutely love what you learn on the call I'll donate $10 to a charity of your choosing.