YouTubers: You Are Sitting On a (Literal) Gold Mine Of Trust.

How to change the lives of your audience and get wealthy in the process.

YouTubers: You Are Sitting On a (Literal) Gold Mine Of Trust.
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A YouTube channel is one of the most high-trust audience channels in marketing today. Long-form video over weeks and months creates an INCREDIBLY strong bond between creator and viewer.

Yet most YouTubers aren’t taking advantage of the enormous trust they have fostered with their audience. They might have a Patreon, or some merch, and the occasional sponsored post, but there is still enormous untapped potential.

Trust is PARAMOUNT to a YouTube channel. Your audience is your family, and you want to see them grow and thrive.
  • Yet, most sponsored posts erode the trust you have with your audience. Sponsors like Nord VPN, Surfshark, and cheap mobile games are the signature of a channel that hasn’t realized this yet.
  • Not all sponsored posts are created equal. If a product enriches the lives of your audience and brings an enormous benefit, they’ll associate that benefit with you and be inclined to purchase MORE from you.

Here are some facts about trust:

  • Everyone sells the same thing: trust. Customers can “spend” their trust with you, in order to generate more trust. Products and services are nothing more than trust vehicles.
  • If you don’t have enough products and monetization, there is no way for your audience to spend their trust with you.
  • They will find somewhere else to spend it. And with so many channels running ads for Nord VPN and mobile games, where do you think they’ll end up spending that trust?

Therefore I recommend that YouTubers:

  • Create their own monetizable content that enriches the lives of their audience and amplifies the message of the channel. This will foster HUGE trust with their audience and lead to even deeper relationships.
  • Partner with ethical, dynamic businesses that are looking to genuinely enrich the lives of their clients and customers.

Option A: Creating Your Own Content.

Imagine you’re running a productivity channel designed to help people create better habits and transform their lives.

Here’s a simple setup you can deploy in LESS THAN 7 DAYS that will help you monetize your channel and provide ENORMOUS value to your audience.

  • Implement a paid blog/mastermind via Ghost + Discord/Slack. You can include various monthly tiers (ex. $9.99/$99.99/$250/$1500) that give your audience increasing access to you.
  • This is called the Pay-For-Access (PFA) model and comes from the consulting world.  (ex. The highest tier could include 1-on-1 coaching and a VIP community.)
  • To multiply your reach and earn money while you sleep: you could develop 3 courses, at $297, $1997, and $5000 price points. Again the higher quality course can include access to you or guarantee a specific outcome.
  • You can repackage your offering for business and corporate. These are businesses with big budgets that might need exactly the content you’re sharing. Imagine charging $150K+ for a package that drives huge results for a business.
  • You can also offer to promote their channel on yours if their business goals align with yours through sponsored content.
  • You can deliver new offers and products all the time that live on your channel in your evergreen (ie. permanent) format. For example, imagine launching a new product once a month that you could promote in future videos, that would live forever in those old posted videos.

Remember: If it doesn’t exist, they can’t buy it from you.

Option B Finding A Trusted Partner.

As Jay Abraham says: joint ventures are the ultimate business catalyzer. These mutually beneficial relationships are the easiest way to arrive at desired outcomes.

If you have an audience or a huge skill, but you aren’t sure how to best monetize the trust you’ve built with your audience. Finding partners to sponsor your channel is a great way to solve this problem.

Here are some criteria I’d look for in a potential partner:

  • Places TRUST above everything else.
  • Respect the trust you have with your audience.
  • Has a product that will enrich the lives of your audience.
  • Has a BIG benefit to your audience that they will associate with you.
  • Has high margins and allows you to make significant cash flow.
  • Has baked-in risk-reversal, meaning if things don’t work out the way you’d hoped, you’re able to walk away without risking your own capital or reputation.
  • Is open to running a smaller test with your audience to ensure the product or service is a good fit.
  • Is willing to sit with you and allow you to interview your audience members who have used the offer to make sure it works.
  • Can deliver results in DAYS, not weeks. There is no reason these strategies need to take a long time.
  • Is willing to work with you to tweak the delivery and ad content until you’ve found a good approach that resonates with your audience. (So many sponsors walk away from channels if they aren’t performing. This is a big mistake in my opinion.)

Here’s The Good News: You Can Implement BOTH Strategies In The Next 90-Day For $0.

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Alternatively, we can create a special offer just for your audience that will solve a specific problem for them. For example: empower them to start their own business or improve their existing business.

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